Allright! I've had it! - I've freaked out! - Hundreds of idiotic spam mails and viruses a day in my inbox has done it! - My E-mail account is a sorry waste of time and quite useless!

Ok! - I'm 'NOT' in the market for any penis enlargement! - I can scare the bejeezuz outta grown women with that thing... ok, maybe it's my facial expression when.. Never mind! - I'm not in the market for any of all the other crap either! - My E-Mail account is now autodeleting everything unless there's a correct code entered on the subject line.

E-mail adress:and current code:

You can allways find the code right here if you need to mail me. Usage is quite simple. The code must be someplace in the subject, or title, of the mail.

That code ensures that an actual human being sent the mail. E-Mail worms, webbots and automatic spam mailing lists can't use a code like that. Not yet anyway.. and should they start to, I'll change the code.

Simple eh? - I've restored my E-mail to usefulness!

And may all spammers develop a painful cancer of the rectum!