Q3A skin: Elexis
Skin for the custom Q3A Demonica model.

The zip-archive contains the following files:


I always thought that Miss Elexis Sinclaire was a Sinfully hot lady. Check her out at www.ritual.com/sin/

This skin, on the Demonica model, does not come close to the highpoly model of Elexis. She does look like somebody dressing like Elexis, anyway.

The Demonica model must be installed to use this skin.
You can download Demonica at polycount.

Copy the md3-demonica.pk3 (the model) and skn-demonica-elexis.pk3 files to your baseq3 directory. Start Q3 and in the player setup hunt around for an icon you haven't seen before. Select that and see if it suits you. Start playing!

You can download Elexis at Polycount by using the button on the previous page. You will be redirected to FilePlanet for the actual Download.
I much prefer if you would do that, since FilePlanet has a download counter I can watch.

If that for some reason does'nt work you can use this link for a local copy

Additional Credits to:
CGP (e-mail: CGP43@aol.com) for creating a model that was suitable for Elexis.

Ritual entertainment for creating Sin and Elexis in the first place.

Paul Steed, Kenneth Scott and all the other guys at id who made this wonderful game.

QUAKE® and QUAKE III Arena® are registered trademarks of www.idsoftware.com id Software Inc.

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