Q3A skin: Jaeger
Skin for the Hunter model which is included with Quake III Arena.

The archive contains the following files:


This is a workover of the Q3A Hunter skin, "Jaeger" means Hunter in danish.

Copy the skin- and bot-jaeger.pk3 files to your baseq3 directory.
The path is 'C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\baseq3' if you did a standard installation of Q3.

Start Q3, and in the player setup hunt around for an icon you haven't seen before. Select that and see if it suits you. Start playing!

The 'bot-jaeger.pk3' file makes Jaeger selectable as a bot to frag "or be fragged by - whatever the case might be". She uses a copy of the Hunter botfiles.

Update: (28 Feb 2000)
This file has been updated to correct a slight error with the shader file. Thanks 'Kythkin' at Polycount for discovery, figuring out and mending.
Filenames and directory structure has been changed inside the .pk3 as well to conform to 'Rogue13's naming conventions. So, delete the old "q3skn-jaeger.pk3", download and install this new "skin-jaeger.pk3" instead and Jaeger should stand corrected!

You can download Jaeger at Polycount by using the button on the previous page. You will be redirected to FilePlanet for the actual Download.
I much prefer if you would do that, since FilePlanet has a download counter I can watch.

If that for some reason does'nt work you can use this link for a local copy

Additional Credits to:
Paul Steed, Kenneth Scott and all the other guys at id who made this wonderful game.

QUAKE® and QUAKE III Arena® are registered trademarks of www.idsoftware.com id Software Inc.

And a special thanks to:
Erwin 'KLR8' Vervaet. He has made the Java MD3 Model Viewer which can export an .md3 model to .obj - which can then be imported in Metacreation's Painter3D. This was such good news to me that I did the Jaeger skin to celebrate it.

If you want the Java MD3 Modelviewer grab it at this url: http://fragland.net/md3view.

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