Q3A skin: Poivert
Skin for the Biker model which is included with Quake III Arena.

The zip-archive contains the following files:


This is a workover of the Biker skin. My Jaeger skin turned out fairly well, so I decided to do that skin again - albeit for a different model
- he he... he he - Muhahaha! hi hii!

Copy the skin-poivert.pk3 file to your baseq3 directory. Start Q3, and in the player setup hunt around for an icon you haven't seen before. Select that and see if you are sufficiently disgusting! Start playing!

Quick and dirty bot!
Create a "scripts" directory in your baseq3 dir, cut 'n paste the following text into your favorite text editor (Notepad is fine!) Be sure to copy the opening and closing curly brackets! They're rather important.

name     Poivert
model    biker/poivert
aifile   bots/hossman_c.c
Then save the file as "poivert.bot" in your new scripts directory. That's it! You're done. Start up Q3 and select the Poivert for a skirmish.

Take a look at the last line in the .bot file where it says
"aifile bots/hossman_c.c" - You could change 'hossman' to any bot in Q3.
Try "aifile bots/xaero_c.c" for a harder challenge.

If you want to make a more advanced bot I can recommend a study
of the Bot Editing Documents by Mr.Elusive hisself ! (Q3ABotEdit.zip at www.bluesnews.com)

Another good tutorial is here: Bot Building 101 at Planet Quake
and a very well featured program here: Doktor's Q3A Botstudio.

You can download Poivert at Polycount by using the button on the previous page. You will be redirected to FilePlanet for the actual Download.
I much prefer if you would do that, since FilePlanet has a download counter I can watch.

If that for some reason does'nt work you can use this link for a local copy

Additional Credits to:
Paul Steed, Kenneth Scott and all the other guys at id who made this wonderful game.

QUAKE® and QUAKE III Arena® are registered trademarks of www.idsoftware.com id Software Inc.

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