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Inspired by the original polysmilie: -and based on a crapload of smilies found everywhere.
All new skins for the 'polyblob'
I made these smilies so that we could have a 'designed' set for polycount's Message Boards.

Graphics at polycount, even such mundane things as our smilies, should not be taken from anywhere I feel. The kind of community we are demands that those things are our own creations, and they should be better than all the others too! - So that was what I tried to do ;)

One thing that bothered me with our old ones, was that they appeared different in size. This was because some of them had a very dark edge. This effect is not there with the new ones, they all look even in size.

Another problem was that some of the old smilies didn't display the 'emotion' well or you could hardly see what the thing was. I worked to make 'em clearer, funnier and have them 'emote' *at you.

Polycount Smilies:
:eek:Eeek!Oh My GAWD! 101 :o or :OEmbarassed Oh, I sat on yer' icecream! 102
:headdown:Ashamed I won't do it ever, ever again! 103 :lol:Laughing Stop tickling me! 104
:goofy:Goofball That was some argument! 105 :kiss:Smooch Wet enough for ya? 106
:hehe:hehehehehe Cracks me up! 107 ;DWink + Grin Geddit, geddit!? 108
:cry:Crying Bwa,haaaaa! I broke a fucking NAIL! 109 :shrug:Uh ... I don't know So, who cares? 110
:paranoid:Paranoid Beware! - Here be dragons! 111 :D or =DGrin See that? - Colgate! 112
:cool:Cool Too cool fer' school! 113 :doh2:D'oh! (Green) You should see the other guy! 114
:wtf:What the fuck!!?? Impressive! - But in public?! 115 :/ or :\Oh well ... Sucks.. thats all! 116
:ahole:Asshole! Read my lips! 117 :angry:Angry You! You... You! 118
:roar:Roar Aaaaaarrrgh! 119 :) or =)Smile Do it again - It's nice! 120
;)Smile & wink If you get my meaning? 121 :nervous:Oh sh*t. Why this? Now, where did that grizzly go? 122
:delicious:Is that your car? I wanna see that again! 124 :sleep:Boring! Yawn... 125
:(Sad Sorry about your breakfast! 126 :mad:Now I'm pissed! Grrrrrr! 127
:drool:Drooling I was gonna post, but then I got high! 128 :p or :PRazz I got it! - you didn't! 129
:evil:Evil grin You lost! heeehehehehe! 130 :rolleyes:Whatever... Play another one soon? 131
:smirk:Smirk Selfsatisfied! 133 :confused:Confused I dont know dick! 134
:fart:Let it out! Brrrrrrrht! 135 :tickled:Happy & blush Don't say thaaaaat!- yesdoplease! 136
:umm:What do I know? Was I supposed to know that? 137 :evilgrin:Evil grin Hehehehehehehe! 140
:hmm:Powerpondering Now.. if the chicken was before the egg.. 141 :yesyes:Yes yes yes! Sex!? - Yes please! 142
:nono:No way, Josť! Nope, nix, negative, nada! 143 :vov:Vots of vaughter If you vaugh, you will be tvown for the vions! 144
Note! - This table is *not the Official Replacement Map!

Unassigned Smilies: (They're dropped - *or they're new!)
;)Wink 002 :evilgrin:Evil grin 123
:DGrin 003 :Sorree:Sorry+Blush 138
:pRazz 004 :flattered:Flattered 139
:\Grim 005 :hmm:Hmm... 132
:(Sorry 006 :blab:Blabbermouth 145
:(Embarrassed 007     
:oOoooh! 008     
:DLOL 009     
Shit that didn't pan out and *maybe new ones with some hope! :D
The stars '*' means 'New' or 'still under consideration'.

Remarks, explanations and attemps at evading responsibility
*11.20.02 Update: 145 Blabber :blab: added.

*12.04.01 Polycount's 2 year b-day and Smileyday! - They're active! WoooHoo!

*11.20.01 Update: 144 vov :vov: has been touched up.

*11.19.01 Update: Added three new smilies: 142 YesYesYes! 'YesYesYes!' and 143 NoNoNo! 'NoNoNo!'. Heh, I wonder why nobody thought of these before. I don't remember having seen 'em on any of the smiliesites I've been to.
Added 144 mirth 'mm-hihi-mrhmm!'. Repressed laughter. Think of the gvadiators that would be thrown for the vions if they vaughed. (Life of Bvian).

*11.19.01 Second update: 141 and 144 has been touched up.

*11.18.01 Update: 141 'hmm' has been added to enhance and elaborate on 132 . Comes about coz' Sundance wanted Spock really. ;) - Harlequin did one that actually looks like Spock, this one is the polyblob trying to act like him.

*11.16.01 Update: poly112, 'big toothy grin' has been slightly touched up. poly140 'evil grin' has been added (this is an alternative to 123 ) - The new one is less similar to the devilgrin.

The 'green outline' set is in honour of the original polysmilie, icon60. The idea was to do a representation of the most basic plain text emoticons while preserving the look of the polysmilie. However, the outline smilies are dropped in favor of the 'green polyblob'.

poly115 is an attempt to make the 'Donald Duck' smilie look like it belongs in the set. Hard to do, coz' the original icon is a nonstandard 19x16 pixels, which explains why it can have so large eyes. This new one is the correct 15x15 size.

poly114b.gif   - is a blue variant of poly114 by popular demand. (by at least two users, and noticeable ones too!) - What has been done to it is that the dark color along the edges has been lightened, so that the icon doesn't look smaller than the others, - gave room for a tooth more too. - However, green is beautiful, so poly114 is green unless 'blue supporters' send me personal nudiepics! - Ehh.., on pondering that a bit.. Don't do that, just tell me you prefer the green one.

A note of Caution! - The smilies will be removed from this homepage when they are finished. By which time they hopefully find a new home at polycount. This is by no means certain, and will only happen if they are good enough!

While they are here, I work on them and they may - will! - change appearance. So, if you use them in a ubb from this url, you risk that they are gone all of a sudden. That's if I don't get inspired to do a prank on you and exchange all of 'em with a pic of a naked butt! - hehehehe.....


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