Windows LOGO.SYS
A while back I did some Windows Startscreens with company logos for some of the people I work for. These particular startlogos are of no interest to anybody but said people and companies.

However - I did learn how to do it. So I guess I could do some funny, flippant, grotesque and freaky startlogoes for Windows. Hmm. I've been asked to - and also explain howto.

Gawd! they're Ugly!
First I got to say that I don't like these startscreens. They are too low resolution, only 320x400 pixels. When a little snotty pic like that stretches out on my 21" screen the pixels get so big, I gotta worry 'bout one of 'em falling on my foot!

There! I got that off my chest.

Nevertheless, these startscreens seem to be popular. And, curiusly, because they are such little snotty pictures, they are perfectly suitable to make a webpage about.

So! - On this page there will be startscreens, and a tutorial. And the tutorial will be in done in the local lingo (danish) and in english.
It could be a time consuming project, but I guess I'll best get on with it - to get these guys off my back.