First an foremost you will need two small programs that will solve the majority of problems associated with Windows Startlogos. They are:
" XRX Animated Logo Utility "
" XRX Add Bar Utility "

You can download these at Karl McMurdo's site:
XRX Logo Utilities

On the XrX site you will also find more startlogos than you would ever want as well as a comprehensive tutorial.

The LOGO.SYS file
A Windows Startlogo is actually just an ordinary BMP file. It has to conform to a set of rules though.

- It must be 320 pixels wide by 400 pixels high.
- It must be in 256 indexed colors.

If a file with the name "LOGO.SYS" is present in the root directory of the bootdrive "C:\" - and this file is a BMP picture like the one described above - then Windows will show this picture on the screen during bootup.

The simple picture above will not have the nice animated bar at the bottom of the screen, or any other animation. A startlogo with animation must conform to yet more rules.

These rules are more hairy and involve hex editing. This is where you are learning to love Karl McMurdo. A Windows startlogo uses palette animation. It's only the colors that change, not the shape.


(Hrrmmpf! - This page was seemingly uploaded almost a year ago by mistake. It's the start of the tutorial that will be here someday. I still intend to do it though, but don't hold yer' breath.

There -is- a good tute' on the XRX site (above link) - The thing I want to do here is about how to design and animate a logo. ;)