More startlogos will be added here from time to time.

Click on the pictures to download a ZIP file with the logo. To install a startlogo you could simply place a copy of the BMP file in the "C:\" (root) directory . Then rename it to "LOGO.SYS" (no brackets of course).

Alternatively you can download and use the "XRX Logo Utility" program (see the Tuturial page). Then you will have a convenient "install button" and be able to review logoes without having to install them and then reboot.

Gliders in the sunset! Beautiful!

It's not bad spelling! it's what we call it anyways, so why not on the startlogo?

The previous startlogo had lightning. So does this one - a Lockheed P38 Lightning.

In Denmark we get Windows i danish. Unfortunatly the startlogo is in english still. This logo corrects that little oversight.

A Windows Jet Jock bottoms up over Tivoli in Copenhagen.