Danish English Showoff

Artwork I did, that I think is worth being showed off ;)

Animation by dtp2maz Most of the pictures here are copyrigthed material. So you can't use any of this for commercial purposes or publish it in any way whatsoever! - Nobody's going to scrape ye'r butt off for using it solely for private purposes tho' - so be my guest ;)

The 'Under Construction' gif was here a long time, while I pondered what to do with this page. It can be allowed to stay. I did it as an experiment with gif animation. The idea is honestly stolen from somewhere on the web. The standard picture icon was grabbed out of the icons in windows and the little man is 27 hand drawn animation frames.

Earn your wings the easy way! - Just print this Mile High Diploma, add names and stuff. Mount on wall in glassframe!

Errhh... I won't be an advocate for this kind of cheating! - You must qualify for real to have a MH Diploma of course!

Mile High Diploma

Polycount Smilies. This is a set of icons done for internet messageboard usage.


Artist's impression of houses. Novasol A/S is all about holiday home rental in Denmark and most of Europe. Usually, there'll be photographs of the houses in Novasol's cataloque, or on the website. But sometimes a a picture is needed of a house that aren't built yet, or is under reconstruction.

Well, here I am, doing something about that! ;)

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Christmas card 2001. Done for Roth Scandinavia, but was never printed. Floors and walls are done with 3D studio Max as a 3D scene. The figures are 2D paintwork done in Photoshop. Several language versions was planned. The english and danish versions shown here.

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Floorheating, romance and some other stuff. This is a small gallery with examples of artwork, illustrations and dtp done for Lintech A/S, a company I've been working for a good many years. Lintech has since become part of Roth GmbH and is now Roth Scandinavia. Click to see the Pictures

Cocom A/S Christmas cards 1997 & 98.

I did 'em before Cisco bought the company for half a national product.. hmm.

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Panda Klubben is the name of a children's magazine, published by World Wildlife Fund in Copenhagen. I did freelance work for WWF for a number of years, all kinds of printed matter.

The children's magazine was my oyster. I did layout, dtp and production, and I made illustrations when I needed one. That was fun, if I might say so. Here's some spreads from the magazine, done in 1994-97.

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Wonderful old airplane! This is a logo I did for Bohnstedt Petersen A/S, in 1984 or thereabouts. The company sponsored maintenance and operation of a DC3. The plane still flies! - Danish Dakota Friends is an association of people who ensures that ;)

The original logo was black and white, so I applied some color to it.

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Hackenbush poster, made for a Café by that name in Copenhagen. Just imagine that the real poster is much higher than this picture. I removed the large white area intended for menus and events lists.

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Illustration for CamDan as, to visualize the problem that modern CNC control software helps solve. The drawing was enlarged to a full wallsize at a trademart, in 1988, for CAD/CAM technology.

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Homonaticum is a book by the danish writer Arne Meander. This is the cover art.

It's a rather good yarn I think (in danish. I don't think it was ever translated). The scene is 'the Landing on Tellus', from the story.

I don't have the original painting anymore, so this picture is just a scan of the book, which I do have.

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Book covers for a series of science fiction novels by Arne Meander.

They're intended to fold around onto the back of the book, hence, the weird composition. Both are airbrush with some tempera brushwork, done a looong time ago, 1981. The covers were actually done at the start of the writer's workcycle, to be an inspiration for his work.

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Bookcover for the danish translation of Bulwer Lytton's novel 'The Coming Race'.

I tried to paint one of the main characters from the book, Zee (at least I think it was her, hehe) using the flying gear described in the story, and hopefully as beautiful as she is described too.

The picture is a scan of the rather worn copy I have of the book, and the quality is degraded some by the rasterizing.

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A set of 5 slides used as captions in a seminar about education in the danish airforce.

From 1977! By golly! - this *is old stuff! - Yet, they're still fun I think, even if the humour is sort of Air Force insider.

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F.O.D. Posters. Foreign Object Damage, to jet engines are expensive and dangerous.

So there's an ongoing campaign in the worlds airforces, or civil aviation for that matter. There will always be new F.O.D. posters. Since I was on the team once I did some of 'em too. Here they are.

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